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Ahead of the Curve

Enter the Ahead of the Curve Learning Zone to keep in the know and be fully prepared with these business intelligence focused programs. All sessions included in your PMX LIVE Access Pass.

Broadcast Live Only at PMX LIVE
Available until 4/30/2021

Keynote: Digital Disruption and the Age of Innovation
PMX Live 2020’s keynote address will feature best-selling author, and digital disruption guru, Erik Qualman. Erik will use his revolutionary video-storytelling capability to demonstrate how parking companies can manage digital disruption in the coming decade, stay ahead of the social media curve, and exploit the power of digital media.

Erik Live: Q&A with Erik Qualman
Erik Qualman takes questions from the audience in a Zoom-style meeting, question and answer session.

Economic & Real Estate Trends Shaping the Marketplace
Hear a C-suite level presentation by CBRE Group, Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm. The session will examine the current state of the commercial real estate market, and the outlook for asset owners, parking operators and other stakeholders.
Speaker: Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and Senior Economic Advisor, CBRE

Lessons from the Lockdown: What Parking Entrepreneurs Learned During the COVID Crisis
Back to work, but are we back to normal? Join a panel of CEO’s, transportation directors, and mobility managers as they reflect on how the parking industry changed and adapted during the lockdown. The panel will address leading during a crisis, adapting to the abnormal, maintaining mission focus, and planning for the new future.


Cloud Nine: Preparing Your Parking Enterprise for Cloud-based Technology Solutions
What can parking operators do to ensure that their operation is digital-ready, cloud-ready, or MaaS-ready? A panel presents the framework for successful transformation and readiness.

Panel also discusses the state-of-the-art in shuttle service provision from onboard cameras to GPS tracking systems, to user apps and more.
Session Leader: RJ Juliano, CIO & Director of Marketing, Parkway Corporation

Parking Asset and Portfolio Management Post COVID
Take a critical look at your book of business through the eyes of an investor. Is your portfolio of business balanced? Does it include a complement of client types that minimize risk? COVID cost parking business—plan for alternate revenue. In this program:

  • See how an investor looks at a parking operation
  • Get insights on financial metrics and key performance indicators to focus on
  • Find out how to analyze the marketplace your enterprise operates within
  • Explore client channels how to customize your business model
Session Leader: Andy Bess, Founder Hero Investments, LLC

Automated Parking from an Asset Owners Point of View
With physical distance space & sanitization in the post-COVID era, has automated parking’s day arrived? Examine automated parking from an asset owner perspective. Is it a viable business opportunity? What are the latest design trends and service characteristics? What challenges accompany automated and mechanical parking? How can they be managed?

RESET: The Trend is Your Friend: Where Parking Goes Next.
Get immediate insights from trending reservations and parking demand data. This program will take a close look at recent parking trends to examine what data predicts about parking demand. If you are trying to plan your budget, get data to make better decisions.

RAMP: Demand Generation in a Post COVID World
Do you know how to win back business and market in a post COVD world? Is it all going to be about low contact, high tech and social/mobile. Where does white-glove service fit in? Learn about innovations in demand generation to build customer confidence, capitalize on technology and drive revenue per space.

DRIVE: Going Long on Parking: More Driving. Less Transit.
Driving is a safe place for travel and transit. Public transit is in decline as people get back to work and drive. Your own safe vehicle is the social distancing solution for parkers. Parking demand is rising find out how much and on what pace. This session analyzes what the trend says and why parking will get back to business with cashflow and revenue per space.

FLOW: Cashflow, Parking: A Silver Lining for Asset Owners, Rick West
For asset owners parking can offer significant cashflow. Find out how customer loyalty, specialty programs and multi-purpose use of a facility can fuel cash flow from the parking asset. Learn how to approach the parking asset as parking hub and logistics hub to use every square foot of space. This program outlines the services and cashflow you can generate with lines of business, channel and loyalty approach to parking assets.

How Valet Operations Can Survive and Thrive Post COVID
With hotels and restaurants closed and sports effectively cancelled as a result of COVID 19, no sector in the parking industry has been as greatly impacted as valet operations. How can a valet operation survive in a post COVID, socially distanced world? Join a panel of experts who will explore this topic, examine the winning strategies, and discuss what lies ahead.