Make Your Case

Make Your Case

What's In It For You AND Your Organization?

Want to attend NPA PMX LIVE, but need to get your supervisor's approval first? Demonstrate the value of attending and you’ll be sure to convince your boss! Remember, in-depth programs and certificates add extra value.

Put It in Writing

Download this sample supervisor email > 

Cost Savings

With no travel costs and an online conference priced at half of in-person costs, PMX LIVE provides a cost-effective way for you to learn, meet and connect with peers online.

Extras, Included

CPP Certification Track and Exam Prep: Included with your PMX LIVE Access Pass, attend CPP courses to prepare you for the exam.

Limited Time Bonus Content! Register early and get additional content FREE, including the WIP Conference, Smart Cities Solutions Forum, or the Emergency Certificate Program. Learn more.